About Arctic Loft and Kurt Helgesen

Arctic Loft of Norway was established in 2014 and is a small loft located in Ølen, between Bergen and Stavanger at the south-west coast of Norway.

Arctic Loft of Norway is the official loft name on our international One Loft Race comittment.


Kurt Helgesen is our official loft name when we compete in Norway on a local and national level.



We are a family of me, Sofie and our 4 children, Sivert 1998, Herman 1999, Tolleiv 2002 and Louise 2007.



In addition to racing pigeons we have one dog, Irish Setter hunting dog for hunting grouse in the mountains.



Our pigeons:


Main allround strains:

  • Dirk van Dyck: Several grandchildren and gr.gr children of Kannibal, Dirck van Dyck
  • Flor Engels: Several grandchildren of the basic pigeon "the 231"
  • Jens Borker (Günter Prange): From his superbreeder "Wonderboy" and other top breeders
  • Benny Stevenick (S.G.Mack): 2 very inbred Chipo pigeons
  • Comb.Beverdam, directly from foundation birds including 4th Nat ace "Cosmo" and 2nd Nat ace "Chief"
  • Eckard Bastek: Pure Alwin Petrie Janssens and directly from German Olympic bird "Penelope". Full sister of NL-16-1259182 that was 1st ace youngster 2016 in region for Alwin Petrie
  • Drapa: Gr.children of Pokerface and pigeons from the line of Kønig x Kønigen
  • A few superacers with great success in different One Loft Races and pigeons from OLR specialists like:
  • 6th ace pigeon Derby Corabia 2016 (org. Arctic Loft of Norway)
  • 23 ace pgeon Derby Corabia 2014 (org Sergio Delgade - Costa del Sol)
  • 3rd ace pigeon Derby Riachos 2016 (org.Sergio Delgado - Costa del Sol)
  • 3 pigeons from Marcus Söllner, one of the best one loft racers in the world including 96th Dapirace final race 400km 2015. Full-brother many great racers including winner.
  • 3 pigeons from origin from Karl Heinz Wichert, World Champion FCI 2016 "Best of 2"
  • 22nd place Dapirace 2015 (org.Arctic Loft of Norway)
  • 2nd FCI final Derby Corabia 2014 (org. Arctic Loft of Norway)
  • 46th final race Derby del Mediterraneo (org. Arctic Loft of Norway)


Main marathon strains:

  • Jan De Wijs & Son: Pure Jan Arden based family with great results from Barcelona
  • Jan Arden: A few pigeons based from different lofts which originating from famous Witbuik


In all we have 23 allround couples and 3 marathon couples in our two breeding lofts in addition to 30 racing birds. We are planning to breed 120 youngsters in 2017, where around 50 will be sent to OLR, some will be sold and the rest will be raced locally.

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