Plan 2017

OLR plan for 2017

2017 will be a very exiting year with new one loft race competition upcoming and we are aiming for Top20 in the FCI mundial ranking.


In 2016 we are ranked as no 26th place in the best of 4 competition and no 35th place in the best of 2 competition. The competition is very hard and we are very satisfied with that despite that we only participtaed in 5 races. We missed in only one competition and that is ok.


Arctic Loft of Norway will most probably participate in 9 different One Loft races in 2017, but also as a team member in TEAM "Norwegian Seagulls" from Norway who will participate in a few OLR. In total we will send approximately 40 pigeons in different OLR.


Status 01.03.2017


So far we have decided for the following OLR's:


FCI races:

  • Algarve Great Derby, Portugal, read more here.
  • Sofia One Loft Race in Bulgaria (FCI)
  • Derby Corabia, read more here
  • AS Golden Race, Hellas, read more here.
  • Dapirace, Denmark (FCI)
  • FCI Pigeon Grand Prix Portugal, MIRA (Har du VM due, les mer her)
  • Derby Del Mediterraneo


Other races:

  • Algarve Golden Race, Portugal. Read more here.
  • IAPC Yearlings Championship, Portugal (part of a team)





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