Magic flo

"Magic Flo"


Org. Comb.Beverdam


Nice hen and good breeder for Arctic Loft with 1st in section.


Fantastic pedigree and a mix of the best from Ouwerkeerk, Kees Bosua, Geerinckx and Reynald.


On pedigree you find famous pigeons as:


  • "De 83" (Ouwerkeerk")
  • Pure Gold/Flo (brother Kannibaal and father of 60 x 1st incl 3 x 1st NAT) (Kees Bosua)
  • Lady Diana-mother of 60 x 1st incl 3 x 1st NAT (Kees Bosua)
  • Kleine Figo, brother Figo (Reynald)
  • The Schicht, father Figo (Reynald)
  • Witkopje, mother Figo (Reynald)
  • Uno Duivin (Verstraate)
  • Porky x Miss Marbella (Kees Bosua)



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