The 404 Hen

"The 404"

Beutiful small checkered hen from TeamRay, one of the best Norwegian lofts!


Koopman x Dirk van Dyck


She flied all races for TeamRay as youngsters, yearling and as 2-years old before she was put on breeding loft.


Her mother is "Miss Kannbaal" a proven breeder and a gr.daughter of famous "Kannibaal" for Dirk van Dyck. "Miss Kannibaal" is mother of "Lady Kannibaal" and gr.mother of "Princess Kannibaal", both very good breeders for Arctic Loft of Norway.


"Princess Kannibaal" who is very inbred on Kannibaal is the mother of 14th in final race in FARO international 2016 (and 12th Ace pigeon) i addition to "Arctic Cosmo" who was 7th Ace pigeon in IAPC 2018.


Pedigree for the "404 hen will follow"

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