Breeding 2018

In season 2017 I had a few problems with some stress and herpes virus on the breeders. That reflected unfortunately our results last season. The youngsters was not of the quality I know these breeders can produce.


Before 2018 season I did many changes in the preparation of the pigeons and loft and added 3 more breeding sections and reduced the amount of breeders in each section:


Breeding section 1: 20 boxes, but will only use 10 boxes

Breeding section 2: 7 boxes (new, but will only use 5 boxes)

Breeding section 3: 6 boxes (all in use)

Breeding section 4: 8 boxes, but will only use 6 boxes

Breeding section 5: 6 boxes (new-not in use)

Breeding section 6: 6 boxes, will only use 5 boxes (new)


In all we have 32 breeding couples and 180 rings for the 2018 season.


The pigeons will have plenty of space and good ventilation so we expect better results this year.


My breeders are mixtures of different strains. I try to mix as much as possible to get as much vitality as possible into the youngsters. Most of the breeders are close related with pigeons with good results on OLR or has performed good themselves in OLR.


Here is an overview over all breeding couples for 2018

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