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The conditions for racing pigeons on the west coast of Norway is very challenging. The birds are in contact with falcons or hawks almost every day around the loft. Surrounded by huge mountains the races can become really heavy even for the shortest distances like 100km. The season is very short and only the roughest pigeons survives. We believe these kind of pigeons are perfect for OLR competitions. Healthy, strong mentality, small and strong bodies and good orientation skills.

One Loft Races 2018

Participating in 8 OLR (7 xFCI)


  • Algarve Great Derby, Portugal
  • Algarve Golden Race, Portugal
  • Derby Corabia, Rumania
  • AS Golden Race, Greece
  • Sofia OLR, Bulgaria
  • Dapirace, Denmark
  • Mira, Portugal
  • Derby del Mediterraneo, Spain
  • World League

One Loft Races 2016

Participated in 5 OLR


Derby Corabia, Romania, 2361 pigeons

The Toughest OLR in Europe!

2 times more than 500km and > 2000km

  • 13e + 113e place final race 565km
  • 34e + 69e place semi-final 525 km
  • 23e place FCI final 368km
  • 22e place 270km
  • 6e Ace pigeon (565 + 525km)
  • 8th Ace pigeon general


Dapirace, Denmark > 1700 pigeons

  • 76e + 221e place final race 350km
  • 49e 150km Hot Spot
  • 61e + 114e Ace pigeon


FARO International, Portugal, 451 pigeons

  • 14e + 17e place final race 405km
  • 12e + 37e Ace pigeon
  • 10e, 24e, 28e training 100km
  • 11e, 37e, 60e Hot Spot 140km
  • 1e Hot Spot 190km
  • 2e, 10e, 18e Hot Spot 255km


Derby Mediterraneo, Spain 1096 pigeons

  • 46e place final race 518km

Very rough final and few pigeons home

  • 26e 146km Hot Spot
  • 83e 200km Hot Spot


MIRA, Portugal

  • 93e place final Mira 350km, Portugal
  • 28e 200km Hot Spot
  • 57e Ace pigeon


Big succes for Arctic Loft in IAPC Algarve 2018


Great result in West-Slovak Derby

Our pigeon Arctic9 - Arctic Wonder got 3rd place from 1121 pigeons on 2nd race 200km.


He is from two "self-made" breeders and that proofs that our breeding strategy is ok.


Father is a cross between inbred "Het Wonder" x the best of Gert Jan Beute.


Mother is pure Flor Engels and very inbred on the famous "231".


Read more and see pedigree here.

Miss Arctic Connor


Fantastic results in Derby Corabia 2016


Prince of Corabia


Great results in Derby Corabia 2015


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