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Here you can find some news about what is happening at our loft, achievements and what we are are planning.


Arctic Loft has now for sale many of our breeders. In all more than 20 breeders have to go and that has been a very hard selection process. From next season we will concentrate of fewer strains and many youngsters from our own bred will be put in breeding loft.


Many top pigeons with strong pedigrees are for sale.


You can see the complete overview here.


Arctic Loft with great success in IAPC - Algarve Yearlings Pigeon Championshipo in Algarve, Portugal.

7th Ace Pigeon with Arctic Cosmo and 10th best team overall of 124 team and 5th best team on middle distance races. Also 2nd place on 250km and 24th place in the final race 450km was very good!


I can reccommend this yearlings OLR.. 3 hot-spot races and 10 races in the team competition makes this great fun to be a part of. In all the pigeons are racing in total of 2869km and that is really great!


The loft is the same as for Algarve Great Derby and the management and organization behind it is in world-class!


There are many competions:

  • Overall team Championship (2 best pigeons in topp 350 give points. 350 to no1, 349 to no 2 and so on)

Arctic Loft was placed as no 10 of 124 teams (7 pigeons in each team)

  • Team Championship short distance (140-170-170-250-250km)

Arctic Loft was placed as no 22 of 124 teams (7 pigeons in each team)

  • Team Championship middle distance (300-310-300-300-450km)

Arctic Loft was placed as no 5 of 124 teams (7 pigeons in each team)

  • Ace Pigeon overall (all 10 races)

Arctic Loft had 7th best Ace Pigeon overall and we are very happy with that!

Arctic Cosmo NOR-032-17-0265 raced very good all races.

His father is Cosmo Jr.

Her mother is Princess Kannibaal.

  • Ace Pigeon short distance (140-170-170-250-250km)

Arctic Loft had 15th best Ace Pigeon short distance with Arctic Cosmo

  • Ace Pigeon middle distance (300-310-300-300-450km)

Arctic Loft had 9th best Ace Pigeon middle distance with Arctic Cosmo

  • Hot Spot races x 3 (60-65-100km, individual prizes)

60km - 55th place , 65km - 44th place (Arctic Cosmo), 100km - 11th place

  • Hot Spot overall Ace winner

Arctic Loft had Ace Pigeon no 53 with Arctic Pokerface, NOR-032-17-0282.

This pigeon was also my best pigeon in the final race of 450km with 24th place.

  • IAPC Cup (Knock Out Cup, 50% are "knocked out" after each race

Arctic Loft reached 1/16 final





Very long time since last update and I am sorry for that.

Breeding season has been ok, and overview of the breeding couples in 2018 can be seen here.

From this page there are also links to detailed info about the breeders. Not all info are in place, but most of the cocks and half of the hens are ok. Rest will be updated in not so long time.



07.09 West-Slovak Derby (WSD), great OLR with big success for Norwegian pigeons!

Normally I will wait until the season is finished before I mean something about a spesific OLR, but now I am experiencing something great with West-Slovak Derby.


Andrej Kováčik is an innovative man who think big and want to improve the OLR sport. West-Slovak Derby is arranged for the first time and in my opinion they are delivering more than you can expect from a beginner.

In all respect, managing an OLR is not easy. Hundreds and thousands of pigeons from all over the world are collected in a few weeks and makes it challenging for the loft managers to keep the pigeons healty and in the same time they shall avoid or reduce losses during taming of the pigeons, trainings and races. Some youngsters are 4 weeks old and some others are maybe 4 months old and even older. All fanciers expect that all their pigeons are on the first loftlist that are published, but that is not the real world. Pigeons get lossed in all OLR's.


In WSD they also loose pigeons like all the others and they have had some challenge with implementing the new clocking system and some more minor challenges. Despite of this my opinion is that they are allready the best OLR I participate in this year, maybe togheter with Algarve Great Derby which is also, yes....Great :-)


The losses are acceptable and the races are very very good. They have almost not lossed birds after they started to race them and they allready have been racing 140, 200 and 280km and that is fantastic! Still I have 11 of 14 pigeons in the competition and I believe there will come one more pigeon from the last race. My friend TeamRay & Veland still have got 11 of 12 pigeons in the competition and I have many more is very good! They are doing a great job with the pigeons and that is most important! Lets hope the success continues for both WSD and Norwegian pigeons!


The results from the Norwegian Pigeons have also been very good in WSD so far with:

1st race 140km: 10, 33, 44, 69, 81, 92, 100 (10th place to Jan Holsen)

2nd race 200km: 3, 7, 12, 17, 37, 41, 49, 51, 56, 74, 83 (3rd place Arctic Loft)

3rd race 283km: 4, 13, 23, 28, 38, 43, 46, 77 (4th place to Erik Tufte)


The best Norwegian all in all performance so far is from Sveinar Kringlebotten, a small Norwegian loft with only 6 breeding couples. He achieved strong results on all 3 races so far with:

1st race 140km: 33rd place (2nd best from Norway)

2nd race 299km: 7th and 17th place (2nd best from Norway)

3rd race 283km: 23rd and 28th place (3rd best from Norway)


My 3rd place was achieved Friday 1st of September and I won €700. On Monday 4th I got a message that the prize money was sent and on Tuesday 5th of September I had the money on my account.....WOW I have never experienced anything like this before. This is a new dimension to One Loft Racing and I know this OLR have many great ideas for the future so it will be exciting to be a part of it.

West Slovak Derby - the best chance to win money in OLR in 2017


4th race 358km is next with 17.500 Euro in prizemoney.


5th race 410km with 22.500 Euro in prizemoney.


Final race 522km with 145.000 Euro in prizemoney and 50.000 Euro + car KIA CEE'D in 1st prize!


See the whole overview here.




05.09 Great results from Norwegian pigeons in OLR

One Loft Racing in Norway have mostly been related to Dapirace in Denmark, Million Dollar Race and a few fanciers who are participating in some FCI races.

In 2017 I think the amount of Norwegian pigeons have been at least doubled in OLR competitions and the results are now coming:


AS Golden Race, Greece: 2nd place in final race for team Boe & Blom from Bergen, Norwegian Champions 2017.


Derby Halkidiki, Greece: 10th place in final race for Team Helgesen & Saevareid


Dapirace, Denmark: 3rd place for Team Mojo, Bergen. 5th place for Krogsaether any many more top results


MIRA, Portugal: 1st place for Martin Saevareid, Oelen and winner of 24.000 Euro!


Also there have been great results for other lofts on races on the different OLR's and the season is not finished, I think there will be more :-) I will try to give a complete summary at the end of the season.

01.09.2017 Arctic Loft with 3rd place 200km West-Slovak Derby

We are very happy for 3rd place in West-Slovak Derby today and winning €700.

The pigeon is from two pigeons from my own bred, a very nice couple. Read more here.

Me with Angela, the mother of Arctic Wonder in my hand.

09.05.2017 Breeding and stuff

Racing season in Norway was postponed until 1.June because of the risk of bird flu these weeks when a lot of wild birds are coming to Norway. Right or wrong, we have to deal with it. For me it is a problem cause in June I dont have so much time for racing due to the working situation so this season will be very short for me. The trainings have been difficult with big losses due to all problems with falcons. The problem is so big that many of my pigeons now go down and hide and come one by one after many hours. Two pigeons was also taken around my loft last week so the situation is horrible. To calm them down I had to relax them inside the loft for a few days now so they can find some peace and love.....

Last year around 60 youngsters disapeared around my loft so the situation is hopeless. They get very nervous and they fly really bad around the loft, just sneaking around between the trees. I am tired of breeding fantastic pigeons that I know many of them will end up as meat for the falcons and hawks.


My focus is more and more on breeding for One Loft Racing so I dont stress that the racing season here is postponed. Breeding and One Loft Racing is what keeping me into the sport and I enjoy it really much :-)


Breeding is in the last phase now, but I will breed an extra round because there are some interests for buying youngsters from my best breeders both from Norway and foreign countries. Also I have sent most of my youngsters to One Loft Races so far. This year I will breed only 30-40 youngsters for my own and the same amount for selling.


Regarding OLR the interest from Norwegian fanciers are fantastic this year. I dont have full overview, but personally I have been responsible for transporting 448 Norwegian pigeons to 13 different OLR in 2017. That is quite amazing! I know there are many other transports of pigeons who I have not been involved in so there are probably at least 700 Norwegian pigeons in different OLR in 2017.


I know we have strong pigeons in Norway so I expect some really nice results during the season :-)

11.04.2017 Delivery of OLR pigeons

This weekend we had shipment of around 155 Norwegian pigeons to 9 different One Loft Races in Europe.

  • Dapirace, Denmark
  • West-Slovak Derby, Slovakia
  • AS Golden Race, Greece
  • Derby Corabia, Rumania
  • Derby Costa del Sol, Spain
  • Mira, Portugal
  • Golden Race Algarve, Portugal
  • Algarve Great Derby, Portugal
  • Talent Quatro, Czech Republic





















Norwegian pigeons was the first registered pigeons at this new, innovative, "state of the art" OLR.

Check more live pictures and info here.



22.03.2017 Winter OLR - ongoing and with success!

This year we tried something new and me and five friends in our local clun sent one pigeons each to the "International Algarve Yearlings Pigeon Championship" - IAPC.

The loft and organization is the same as for Algarve Great Derby so it was also for testing how it is to race there.


We sent 6 pigeons and delivered them to Sergio Ferreira in Kassel in October last year. After some trainings, 4 x Hot Spot races (60-90-100-120km) and 4 races (140-170-200-250km) all 6 pigeons are still there and they are doing ok. Not in the very top yet, but hopefully they will be higher up on the lists when the distances will pass 300km and the pigeons will come more spread. So far there has been mostly wind from behind and the velocity has been very high in most races.


We are ranked as team no 39 of 132 teams so far and our best ace is ranked as no 34.

Around 750 pigeons started in the competition and 559 pigeons are left.


What is also great is that they race togheter with the rest of the Algarve area, but so far we dont know how they compete in the region.


Check out the race plan here.

01.03.2017 New breeders in loft

We have had great success with pigeons from Comb. Beverdam in Holland. Last year we had 3 breeders from them and they all bred excellent! Check pair no 4 and no 19 in our breeding pair overview. This year we bought a son and a full-brother of "Cosmo" who was 4th NAT Ace pigeon middle distance in Holland. On picture below you can see Cosmo to the left and to the right you can see Apollo who are in our breeding loft now. Check who he is mated with here.


Last week we got 3 new breeders from this Dutch super loft. Read more here.

































28.02.2017 West-Slovak Derby - promotional video

Check out the new video and their new web-site, the absolutely best website I have seen so far for an One Loft Race. Now the loft are soon finished and pigeons will starts to arrive. Check website here.




19.02.2017 Pigeontrip to Bergen

Last weekend I was on a trip to my friends Raymond Kalleklev and Svein Veland in Bergen. We went trough the pigeons and in my opinion TeamRay has got one of the strongest collection of allround pigeons in Norway. Allmost all of the pigeons are in family and the basic for the family is "Kleine Dirk" from Koopman and "Rambo" from Dirck van Dyck. Rambo is great-grandfather of "Kleine Dirk". In addition a few own bred Marcel Sangers bird from a full brother of famous "Eagle Eye". A full- brother of "Tips", double gr.child "Kleine Dirk", double gr.child Alladin and many more top birds!


Trough many years Raymond have invested in top quality Koopman/Van Dyck pigeons and bred a family of them. All pigeons are very homogen, strong, good balanced and perfect size. All racers have bred an early youngster and cocks and hens are seperated. They all where in fantastic shape so I am sure they will do great in the championship this year!


Svein Veland has got one of the strongest collections of extreme long distance pigeons in northern part of Europe. Sveins passion is the Barcelona race and he knowes everything about this race and the winners in the history.


One of the purposes with the trip was to start preparing the design for new top quality pedigrees for both Svein and Raymond? Why have top quality pigeons with bad peds? We agreed on the basic design and I have now started the design work. It will be something special, wait and see :-)


Saturday evening there was a pigeon auction at Tim Igeltjønn with pigeons from Denmark delivered by the combination Møler/Waaler and Bo Eriksson (Team Eriksson). 38 pigeons with strong pedigrees directly from their best pigeons! A nice happening and I had a task to buy 2 pigeons for my friend Martin which I managed.


Svein Veland and Raymond Kalleklev

06.02.2017 Arctic Loft Pigeon breeds super in Romania 2016

My friend Emanuel Chifor desided to move back home to Romania. I gave him some youngsters and some breeders and a few of them seems like good breeders, but one them seems to breed "Gold" there!


A cock with band no NOR-14-12514 from "The Stieneker Cock" who is a full brother of Daisy from Klaus Stienekers famous Kannibaal couple. He is a gr.child and heavily inbred on the Kannibaal from Dirk van Dyck. The mother "The 101 hen" is bred from a friend of me, Martin Saevareid and is from two pure Koopman pigeons from TeamRay in Bergen, Norway. This hen is inbred on "Bullet" who was 1st Ace pigeon in Million Dollar race 2006.


RO-16-0434423 and 24 are nest-brothers and in 10 races they performed fantastic with "The 23" as the best one. To come on this list you need to be on top 20% and "The 23" was placed in all 10 races and "The 24" in 9 races. He also became the 3rd Ace youngster in Romania 2016. A fantastic achievement!


Below you see the results and the result from either club or region is showed depending on which one who gives the best score.

Lansati = Amount of pigeons so you can see that the competition in region Brasov is very hard! The 2017 Olympic winner in Brussel won the Ace Youngster in Romania so the pigeon sport in Romania is on a really high level!


Here you can see the national Ace youngster results.

The no 1 pigeon on the list also won the 1st price in the Olympiad in Brussel this year, which means the best youngster in the whole FCI world!

05.02.2017 Corabia Couple - super OLR couple - pair .11

Best OLR pigeons paired with the best OLR pigeon is the philosophy of this couple. Derby Corabia is a very tough competition racing more than 2000km in just a few weeks with youngsters. Both pigeons performed excellent in this competition and in addition they are very nice in the hand, quite small, perfectly balanced, silky feather and in constant shape. Hopefully we can achieve some results from this couple this year!


See here for more info.

18.01.2017 One Loft Racing - lots of Norwegian pigeons compete international this year

Algarve Great Derby - 100 Norwegian pigeons today and more will come. Also more than 15 Norwegians has so far ordered trip to Algarve to join the two finals in Great Derby and Golden Race.


Also Golden Race Algarve, Mira, West-Slovak Derby, AS Golden Race, Sofia, Talent Quatro, Costa Del Sol, Corabia, Derby Del Mediterraneo and Ostsee flug will have Norwegian Pigeons in the competition not to forget Dapirace who always have lots of Norwegian Pigeons in the race.


This will be a very exciting year for Norwegian Pigeonsport. Bjarte Alvær won in last years Dapirace competition, but can we get another winner from Norway this year?


At the moment Norwegian pigeons compete in Million Dollar Race with Snorre Lindbergs Fjordgyn2 on 5th grand avarage so far, great performed! Also in Derby Arona Tenerife the trainings has started and in IAPC Yearlings Championship in Algarve the trainings will start tomorrow, both with Norwegian Pigeons.


Good luck to everyone :-)


14.01.2017 First ring

First milestone - first youngsters got their ring on their foot. The babies from "The 317" - Pair 2 was the first youngsters. I really believe in this couple! Read more about them here.

09.01.2017 New breeding couples added

Just added more breeding couples. 19 couples are published. Still some pictures and a few peds that are missing, but it will come

Check here

01.01.2017 Happy New Year and Great News from Algarve Great Derby

We wish all Norwegian and International Pigeon Friends and vistors a Happy and Successful New Year!

This year a lot of Norwegian Pigeons will participate in International One Loft Races, maybe more than 500 pigeons in all! That is a new record and we believe some of them will be in the top during the season.

We have very good tradition in Dapirace in Denmark with top results every year! In 2017 we believe there will be TOP results in other OLR's also cause Norwegian Pigeons are strong and super for One Loft Racing!

Algarve Great Derby has 10 races with prize money and fantastic prizelist! Check it here.


29.12.16 New Agent for World League and West-Slovak Derby

I really like the new competition World League and when they see my explanation on my web site they contacted me as an international agent. Since this competition was based on existing OLR, which I also should participate i,n this was interesting for me. Read more here.

West-Slovak Derby is a new OLR for 2017 and a Luxury test station with facilities that no other OLR have. In my opinion this is the next generation OLR and the standard other OLR have to look to. Read more here.

20.12.16 Breeding pigeons update

I have started to update the overview of my breeding pigeons and couples.

I still miss a lot of pictures so it will still take some time before the overview is completed, but you can see a few of them here.

02.12.16 Påmelding til OLR

Mange opplever det som vanskelig og få oversikt og melde på de enkelte OLR. Vi ønsker at flere nordmenn får øynene opp for hvilke muligheter som finnes innen OLR i Europa. Det finnes en rekke fantastiske konkurranser og en trenger absolutt ikke reise for å se på finaler. Alle OLR vi deltar på har online resultater og de fleste har og live stream kamera. De aller beste i klassen har TV sendinger hele finaledagen.


Her kan du lese mer om de ulike OLR. På ett samleskjema kan du melde på de OLR du ønsker å delta på så tar jeg det videre med de ulike arrangørene samtidig som jeg arrangerer transporten.

01.12.16 One Loft Race oversikt

Jeg er Agent for 3 stk OLR i 2017 - Algarve Great Derby - Mira International OLR - AS Golden Race. I tillegg satser jeg på FCI mesterskap samt nyvinningen World League hvor jeg skal delta i Masters Division 2017.

Av den grunn kan jeg koordinere transport til de fleste OLR i sør-europa der de fleste OLR holder til.

Les mer her.

23.11.16 World League

Great news!

We are invited to the join the Masters World Division in the World League 2017.


That means that Arctic Loft of Norway is 1 of 100 lofts that shall compete on the highest level in World League 2017. It is important that everybody who has got interest in One Loft Racing pre-registrate (for free). In this way the ranking of lofts will be good and the competition hard!

22.11.16 FCI Mundial Ranking 2016

We are very happy with the FCI results this year. Participating in only 5 races and gets results in 4 of them gives us following rankings:


Best of 4 races: 26th place

Best of 2 races: 35th place


FCI finals:

14th place FARO Int 320km

23rd place Derby Corabia 368km

75th place Dapirace, 350km

93rd place MIRA Int 350km


See here for all info regarding Mundial Ranking 2016.


This is acceptable, but next year we are aiming for a higher position on the ranking :-)

16.10.16 Plan for 2017

The 2017 season will be very exiting. New breeders in our loft and new exiting One Loft Race competition in World League.

15.10.16 Pigeon Exhibition in Kassel

Me and my brother, Bjørn Ove, will travel to the exhibition in Kassel. We are driving a homingcar and are spending a week, just having fun and speak with a lot of fanciers. Rolf Helge Aspen should join us in Denmark.


My brother Bjørn Ove who is also a strong competitor both in OLR and locally.

12.10.16 New website Arctic Loft of Norway

In time for a new layout and website. The old one was in Norwegian and difficult to update so hopefully the new one will be updated once in a while :-)


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