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Presentation of my Top-Pigeons in my loft. Both racers and breeders

Arctic Wonder

Father side: NOR -14-12873

I bought a fantastic cock that was inbred and double gr.son of famous "Het Wonder" with fantastic racing results. Mother is a fantastic nice hen from the best from Gert Jan Beute, a top dutch loft and for many years a satellite loft for Eijerkamp.


12873 is a small and very nice cock that raced well as youngster and yearling and because his parents was old I decided to put him on breeding loft.


Mother side; NOR-032-15-2240

I was lucky and bougt two pure Flor Engels pigeons who both where double gr.son/daughter of the foundation bird "De 31" or "231" that he is also called. "De 31" is behind most of the sucess for Flor Engels and his sons Jos and Jules Engels that still compete in the top in Europe with theese birds. The amount of decadents that has bred and raced from this cock is numerous all over the world.


Me and the mother 2240

Arctic Kannibaal

NOR-14-12514 father 3rd ACE Youngster in Romania 2016

Miss Arctic Connor

Miss Arctic Connor


Fantastic results in Derby Corabia 2016.

Most probably the best pigeons 4 longest races (270km - 368km - 525km - 565km)!

One of the best overall performances of a Norwegian youngbird ever!

2368 pigeons participated

  • 1st NAT Norway
  • 8e ACE pigeon general
  • 6 e Ace pigeon fond (525km + 565km)
  • 13e final race 565km
  • 34e semi-final race 525km
  • 23e FCI-final 368km
  • 22e 270km Hot-Spot

Miss Arctic Connor was bought back on auction and is in breeding loft from 2017 . She is a pure Janssen x Van Loon where both parents are from Combination Beverdam in Holland and close to their foundation birds.

Will be mated with "Prince of Corabia", 2nd FCI final Derby Corabia 2015.

Prince of Corabia

Prince of Corabia


Great results in Derby Corabia 2015!

2200 pigeons participated

  • 1st NAT Norway
  • 19e ACE pigeon overall
  • 2e FCI Final 368km
  • 55e final race 525km
  • 134e 277km
  • 240e 176km
  • 333e 115km

Prince of Corabia is a very nice cock where both parents are from the best lines from Andreas Drapa. Father is a original Drapa and direct from "Superman" with s x 1st an 1st of 10.000 pigeons. Mother is heavily inbred on the super brothers Carl and Champ, both 1st Nat Ace pigeons Germany.

Will be mated with "Miss Arctic Connor" in 2017.

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